Jenk Tarak

Jenk Tarak is the newly "elected" lord of Ships haven and king of the pirate courts


Jenk Tarak is a prominent figure in the sea, trade, and social life of all who reside in the valley. though he is newly elected to the seat of pasha of Ships Haven, Jenk has been for many years now a powerful force in the pirate courts, and has worked the seas both legally and illegally.


Jenk Tarak like many dwarves has grown his beard out to honor his ancestors. Its dark red color shows against his typical green or blue outfits, and is always braided into two long braids. like many dwarves of his age (close to one hundred years old) his hair on his head is all but gone, as such Jenk takes much pride in the shine of his skull.

Jenk Tarak

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