Dol Slav

Dol Slav is the devious assassin prince, lord of Tresvin, and only male drow to achieve political power in his time


Dol Slav is a formidable foe, easily capable of eliminating those who he sees as threats to his power. Like many in his secret guild, the shadow, he was trained by the drow assassins of the underdark. he has skills in stealth, manipulation, poison use, weapons and observation, but what he is really good at is killing.


Dol Slav dresses in strange attire for a man of his position, he wears simple black leather armor that bears the web symbols of the priests of the drow, around his back he wears a long dark purple and black cape that almost allows him to fade from view as he walks, and on his head is the most flamboyant hat possible (picture will turners in the end of pirates of the carribian 1).

Dol Slav

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