Pak Itab

Pak Itab is the fat merchant prince of Calimor who cares little for anything other than gold


Pak Itab is not a mighty figure, nor can he be figured among the very wise, but what he can claim is he leads the most powerful of all the rim cities Calimor. While some leaders seek power though arms, Pak understands the need for money and his lust for the coin is all consuming. already has he struck more trade deals with the other cities than any pasha on record, he will soon have his fat grubby fingers in all business in the valley.


Pak Itab is a fat human, whose belly shows his wealth. when standing he looks like a ball his belly big enough that he cant even see his little stubby feet. he stands about 5 feet in height and has a large amount of curly hair on his head, he has no facial hair and typically keeps himself clean. to emphasize his wealth he wears bright clothing of silk and other imported goods.

Pak Itab

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